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Native Extensions

Get started quickly and easily with distriqt's native extensions and focus on building great games and apps.

Note on terminology

We develop across several platforms (AIR, Unity, Flutter etc). Each platform uses their own name for a native extension:

  • AIR has ANEs (AIR Native Extensions);
  • Unity has Unity Native Plugins;
  • Flutter has Plugin packages;

We use the name "extension" to represent all these concepts.

Getting Started

If you are new to extensions, check the tutorials and FAQs sections for information on starting out with native extensions.

Find your extension
  • Select the extension from the list on the left;
  • Look through the popular extensions below;
  • Try the search at the top of the page.

Common Extensions


Banners, interstitials and rewarded video ads

Native WebView

Native webview for better web rendering support

In-App Billing

Monetise your app with in-app purchases through multiple services


Simple user engagement through local notifications


Sharing images and urls through the native share dialogs


Firebase platform, including analytics, auth and database functionality

Free Extensions


IronSource advertising


Access the Advertising Identifiers

System Gestures

Control the screen edge gestures and home indicator


Branch IO deep linking and universal objects