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The OCR extension gives you the ability to perform optical character recognition ( on an image.

It is built upon the powerful Tesseract Open Source OCR Engine.

The simple API allows you to quickly scan an image for textural content, using the powerful Tesseract framework, in just a few lines of code.


  • OCR using the Tesseract framework;
  • Recognise text from image BitmapData;
  • Set languages;
  • Set whitelist characters;
  • Single API interface - your code works across supported platforms with no modifications;
  • Sample project code and ASDocs reference;


The documentation site forms the best source of detailed documentation for the extension along with the asdocs.

Quick Example:

OCR.service.recognise( image );

More information here:


You can purchase a license for using this extension:

distriqt retains all copyright.