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The NetworkInfo access to information about the device's network interfaces.

The Network Info extension provides access to determine the network type and connected interfaces of a device. The default Adobe AIR NetworkInfo class is not fully supported on the iOS platform, so this extension provides all functionality developers expect from the NetworkInfo utility class.


  • Networks: Determine network connectivity and type (wired, wifi, etc)
  • Familiar interface: Uses the same syntax as the AIR NetworkInfo class
  • Interfaces: Provides information about the current network interfaces
  • Flags to determine if WiFi or WWAN network connection is active
  • Single API interface: Works across iOS and Android with the same code
  • Sample project code and ASDocs reference

As with all our extensions you get access to a year of support and updates as we are continually improving and updating the extensions for OS updates and feature requests.


The documentation site forms the best source of detailed documentation for the extension along with the asdocs.

Quick Example:


function networkChangeHandler( event:NetworkInfoEvent ):void
trace( "isReachable=" + NetworkInfo.networkInfo.isReachable() );
trace( "isWWAN=" + NetworkInfo.networkInfo.isWWAN() );

More information here:



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