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User Data

Some services attach some information to the user that can be retrieved and may be necessary to validate receipts.

Currently this is supported on the following services:

  • Amazon

You retrieve this data by using the getUserData() function and listening for the response.

This function will return false if user data is not supported with the current service.

var success:Boolean = InAppBilling.service.getUserData();
if (!success)
// User data not supported

If it returns true, then one of two events will be dispatched:

  • UserDataEvent.GET_SUCCESS: Indicates the user data was successfully retrieved;
  • UserDataEvent.GET_FAILED: Indicates there was a failure when retrieving the data;
InAppBilling.service.addEventListener( UserDataEvent.GET_SUCCESS, getUserData_successHandler );
InAppBilling.service.addEventListener( UserDataEvent.GET_FAILED, getUserData_failedHandler );


function getUserData_successHandler( event:UserDataEvent ):void
// Success
trace( "USER ID: " + event.userData.userId );

function getUserData_failedHandler( event:UserDataEvent ):void
// Failure handler - retry after a delay or inform user of the issue