2021.02.26 [v13.0.037]
Corrected developer challenge on huawei consume purchase by product id (resolves #402)
2021.02.11 [v13.0.031]
Fixed issue with purchase state during restore purchases on Play Billing (resolves #395)
2021.02.01 [v13.0.030]
Added Samsung Galaxy Store In-App Purchases (resolves #359)
Added macOS AppStore (resolves #355)
Google Play Billing
- v3.0.2
- Android: Added handling of invalid extContext after app update (resolves #374)
2020.11.06 [v12.1.133]
Corrected missing classes from default library (resolves #369)
2020.11.02 [v12.1.128]
Updated documentation
2020.11.02 [v12.1.128]
Updated documentation
2020.10.28 [v12.1.128]
Added applicationUsername to a purchase change request (resolves #365)
Android: Corrected change purchase functionality to include purchase token (resolves #364)
Correctly reported error message and code with a PurchaseEvent.PURCHASE_FAILED event (resolves #361)
2020.09.17 [v12.0.119]
iOS: Corrected build issue with variants (resolves #352)
2020.09.15 [v12.0.117]
Added InAppUpdates functionality:
- Huawei checkAppUpdate (resolves #344)
- Google Play In-App Updates
Google Play Billing
- v3.0.0 (resolves #345)
- Developer payload changes:
- Returning obfuscated application username from purchases (resolves #348)
Android: Changed service support checks to use installer package to better detect store availability (resolves #343)
2020.08.14 [v11.0.097]
Added SWC + updated builds
2020.06.25 [v11.0.096]
Updated Huawei AppGallery documentation (#323)
2020.06.22 [v11.0.096]
Added support for in app purchases through Huawei AppGallery
Added ability to retrieve user data (initially Amazon user id) (resolves #322)
Updated documentation
2020.04.20 [v10.2.056]
Added details of subscription period on supported services
Google Play Billing: Added introductory prices and free trials (resolves #308)
Google Play Billing library updated to version 2.2.0
Amazon InAppPurchasing is now considered out of beta (resolves #231)
Corrected typo in documentation purchased states (resolves #309)
2020.03.31 [v10.1.049]
Added finish purchase success and failed events to better handle finishing purchases (#262, #175)
iOS: Removed dispatch of purchases updated event on finish purchase, replaced with success event
Android: Added null pointer checks during consume purchase process and handled results (#306)
2020.03.24 [v10.0.038]
Android X migration (resolves #300)
2020.01.18 [v9.1.034]
Updated default library functions to match release (#290)
2019.10.24 [v9.1.026]
Android: Added check for extension context state when dispatching events (#268)
2019.10.18 [v9.1.025]
iOS: Application Receipt added all fields to originalMessage Purchase field (#267)
2019.10.11 [v9.1.024]
Corrected documentation
2019.10.11 [v9.1.024]
iOS: Added discounts and offers (resolves #233)
2019.09.19 [v9.0.009]
Android: Critical fix for crash in getPurchases call (resolves #261)
2019.09.09 [v9.0.007]
Android 64bit update (resolves #247)
Removed products requirement from getPurchases, finishPurchase and consumePurchase functions (resolves #248)
2019.04.18 [v8.0.064]
Amazon InApp Purchasing integration (alpha) (#231)
Added additional variants to better handle development cases
Corrected missing method from default lib (#235)
2019.03.27 [v7.0.042]
Corrected getPurchases call for Play Billing (resolves #230)
2019.03.20 [v7.0.033]
Added applicationUsername implementation for Android (#229)
2019.03.03 [v7.0.032]
Complete rewrite of Android Play Store integration to latest API (closes #215)
- Added upgrade / downgrade ability to change subscriptions (resolves #56)
- Resolves crashes (resolves #171)
- Fixes transaction identifiers (resolves #127)
- Should correct template issues (#203)
Embedded iOS bitcode
2019.02.22 [v6.4.119]
iOS: Added additional checks to product information (#221)
Updated minimum iOS version to 8.0 (#222)
2018.10.22 [v6.3.118]
iOS: Corrected handling of error in getProducts call (resolves #204)
2018.10.10 [v6.3.113]
iOS getPurchases integration using AppReceipt Validation
2018.08.17 [v6.2.107]
Added tvOS platform support (resolves #123)
2018.08.15 [v6.1.102]
Corrected @available packaging issue on Windows machines (resolves #191)
2018.08.01 [v6.1.098]
Corrected size of ANE (#189)
2018.07.31 [v6.1.096]
Resolved issue with calling setup after failure (resolves #189)
2018.01.19 [v6.1.079]
Android: Corrected issue returning wrong response when already owned item (resolves #130)
2017.12.19 [v6.1.076]
iOS: Corrected minor issue with multiple simultaneous finish purchase calls
iOS: Improved compatibility with other ANEs and the startup process (resolves #135)
Updated User Cancellation docs (resolves #153)
Corrected default lib function signatures
2017.12.19 [v6.1.076]
iOS: Corrected minor issue with multiple simultaneous finish purchase calls
iOS: Improved compatibility with other ANEs and the startup process (resolves #135)
Updated User Cancellation docs (resolves #153)
Corrected default lib function signatures
2017.10.03 [v6.0.062]
Latest release including iOS 11 Promotions and Android updates
2017.07.25 [v5.0.017]
Added checks for null reference and correctly handled error (resolves #151)
2017.07.10 [v5.0.016]
Updated for compatibility with new Core library (for Notifications/PushNotifications fix)
2017.07.01 [v5.0.015]
Added getPurchases to retrieve purchases (resolves #36, resolves #131, resolves #142, resolves #61)
Added subscription product handling
Deprecated Purchase events to use PURCHASES_UPDATED main handler (resolves #115)
Android: Corrected response from test transactions (resolves #132)
Android: Added message to purchase cancelled event (resolves #130)
Android: Updated IabHelper (resolves #129, resolves #126, resolves #122, resolves #145, resolves #137)
Android: Moved to better activity handling (resolves #128)
Android: Resolved slow isSupported call (resolves #138)
Added ErrorCodes constants (resolves #10, resolves #141)
Updated documentation
2016.12.31 [v4.7.005]
New documentation
2016.12.01 [v4.7.002]
Android: Implemented clear products with the getProducts function
Android: Corrected link for product view (#105)
Android: Fixed error when multiple consumes occur, now dispatches failed event (#90)
Android: Fixed issue with odd characters in product description (resolves #95)
iOS: Changed order of product loaded and invalid events
Added a canMakePayments function to check if restrictions are enabled (resolves #82)
Clean build to check default SWC (#52)
Added swc to lib (#52)
Added documentation of events dispatched from function calls (resolves #46)
Added option to add products when calling getProducts rather than clearing the list each call (resolves #45)
Android: Improved handling of package names in init call
Android: Corrected issue with makePurchase not working after a call to restorePurchases (#40)
Corrected the default library consumePurchase function to match the native library (resolves #42)
iOS: Corrected events firing twice (on update and removed) (resolves #37)
iOS: Added getPendingPurchases to allow access to purchases that are in progress
iOS: Added a check of pending purchases when a call to makePurchase is made to ensure there are no pending purchases for the product (#26)
Removed debug code from AS lib
Android: Changed 'price' value on a product to be consistent with iOS (resolves #32)
Android: Windows: Fix for bug in AIR packager resulting in missing resources
Android: Corrected JSON format on cancelled event (#27)
iOS: Corrected restored transaction receipt
iOS: Corrected finishPurchase on a failed transaction, was incorrectly failing to find transaction (#25)
Added changelog for front end site
Updated documentation
Android: Corrected product details (resolves #16)
Completely rewriten example application using Starling
Separated finishing a purchase into a separate call
Separated PURCHASE_* events into separate class
Introduced the PurchaseRequest object to initiate calls (resolves #15)
Introduced the Product View for native product UI
Added the currency code to the returned product details (resolves #5)
iOS: Updated to include new receipt data using the appStoreReceiptUrl
iOS: Added access to the application receipt (for iOS 7+) including refresh functionality (resolves #20)
iOS: Added the applicationUsername on purchase requests as optional added security measure
iOS: Updated to the new restorePurchases method
Android: x86 support (resolves #19)
Android: Fixed null pointer exception (resolves #12)
Android: Patch for querying more than 20 items (resolves #6)
Added check for .debug suffix in application id
iOS: Included arm64 support (resolves #3)
Android: Corrected application id check when doesn't contain air prefix
Corrected missing EventDispatcher functions from base class
iOS: Implemented autoreleasepools for all C function calls
Updated README
New application based key check, removing server checks
Corrected missing default library definitions (resolves #292)