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Simple Share

Displaying an action to share text, image data or/and URL is simply a process of calling share() with data you wish to share.

An action dialog will be displayed with a list of applications that will accept the content for sharing. This generally includes applications like: Messaging, Email, Twitter, Facebook.

public var TestImage:Class;

if (Share.isSupported)
Share.service.addEventListener( ShareEvent.COMPLETE, share_shareHandler );
Share.service.addEventListener( ShareEvent.CANCELLED, share_shareHandler );
Share.service.addEventListener( ShareEvent.FAILED, share_shareHandler );
Share.service.addEventListener( ShareEvent.CLOSED, share_shareHandler );

// Here we have embedded an image "assets/image.png" in our application (above)
var image:Bitmap = new TestImage() as Bitmap;

Share.service.share( "some text", image.bitmapData, "" );

function share_shareHandler( event:ShareEvent ):void
trace( event.type + "::" + event.activityType + "::" + event.error );