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2022.02.08 [v5.0.94]

Update package and docs for Android 31
Update docs to use apm

2021.10.11 [v5.0.92]

Add air package

2021.06.20 [v5.0.090]

Unity plugin release 1.0
Reader mode
Added restart scanning function
Updated build and improved iOS implementation for iOS 13+ compatibility

2020.03.20 [v4.0.016]

Android X migration (resolves #17)

2020.02.26 [v3.0.014]

Updated documentation

2020.02.26 [v3.0.014]

iOS background scanning and application launching from tags

2019.08.15 [v2.0.002]

Android 64bit support (resolves #13)

2019.04.17 [v1.1.054]

Embedded iOS bitcode
Removed application keys
Added iOS dialog message (resolves #6)

2018.03.22 [v1.0.050]

Release version

2017.11.29 [v1.0.048]

iOS implementation

2017.11.27 [v1.0.038]

Updated documentation

2017.11.21 [v1.0.038]

Updated documentation

2017.11.21 [v1.0.038]

First release