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DynamicLinks - Receive Dynamic Links

Receive Dynamic Links#

Receiving dynamic links is simply a matter of listening for the DynamicLinkEvent.RECEIVED event.

When you add a listener for this event the extension will check for any dynamic links that may have started your application and dispatch them, so you should be prepared to
receive an event shortly after adding the listener:

FirebaseDynamicLinks.service.addEventListener( DynamicLinkEvent.RECEIVED, dynamicLink_receivedHandler );

The DynamicLinkEvent contains a data parameter which will be an instance of the PendingDynamicLinkData class. The PendingDynamicLinkData contains information about the link including the link parameter and additional information such as the matchType.

function dynamicLink_receivedHandler( event:DynamicLinkEvent ):void
trace( "dynamicLink_receivedHandler(): " + );