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DynamicLinks - Initialise

Setting Scheme#

On iOS you must set the deepLinkURLScheme in the extension to correctly handle opened links on versions of iOS that use custom url scheme.

This is the same url scheme (APP_SCHEME) that you added to the info additions previously when adding the extension

The easiest way to do this is set as below, before calling initialiseApp():

Firebase.service.deepLinkURLScheme = "APP_SCHEME";

If you are passing your own FirebaseOptions to initialiseApp you can specify the scheme as part of the options:

var options:FirebaseOptions = new FirebaseOptions();
// Other options
options.deepLinkURLScheme = "APP_SCHEME";
Firebase.service.initialiseApp( options );

Note: You cannot use these two methods together


To match the example scheme added in the iOS info additions example:

Firebase.service.deepLinkURLScheme = "distriqt";