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Crashlytics - Uploading dSYMs

On Android your crash logs will appear in the dashboard in around 5 minutes however you will not see your iOS logs unless you upload the debugging information file generated for your iOS IPA.

All the debug information for your iOS application is contained in a dSYM file.

Firebase Crashlytics automatically processes your debug symbol (.dSYM) files to give you deobfuscated, human-readable crash reports. You can no longer manually upload dSYMs through the console and instead have to upload them using a script.

If you don't upload a dSYM for each version of your application there will be a warning displayed about missing dSYMs in the console and detailed information for any crashes of that version will not be shown in the console.

Generating a dSYM for your AIR application

dSYM directory should be generated by AIR alongside your IPA. If not you may have to check your applications build setup and environment to ensure AIR can generate the debugging symbols.


Once you have located your dSYM you will need to use the upload-symbols command line utility to upload the data to Firebase.

Copy the scripts/upload-symbols utility from the repository to a location on your machine and open a Terminal in that location. Then run the following command:

./upload-symbols -gsp PATH/TO/YOUR/GoogleService-Info.plist -p ios PATH/TO/YOUR/

You will need to pass the GoogleService-Info.plist location to identify your application and the path to your dSYM.