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Auth - Provider - Custom Auth

You can integrate Firebase Authentication with a custom authentication system by modifying your authentication server to produce custom signed tokens when a user successfully signs in. Your app receives this token and uses it to authenticate with Firebase.

Before you begin#

  • Get your project's server keys:
    • Go to the Service Accounts page in your project's settings.
    • Click Generate New Private Key at the bottom of the Firebase Admin SDK section of the Service Accounts page.
    • The new service account's public/private key pair is automatically saved on your computer. Copy this file to your authentication server.


When users sign in to your app, send their sign-in credentials (for example, their username and password) to your authentication server. Your server checks the credentials and returns a custom token if they are valid.

After you receive the custom token from your authentication server, pass it to signInWithCustomToken to sign in the user:

FirebaseAuth.service.signInWithCustomToken( customToken );

This will dispatch FirebaseAuthEvent.SIGNIN_WITH_CUSTOMTOKEN_COMPLETE when complete and success will indicate whether the sign-in succeeded.

If sign-in succeeds, you can use the getCurrentUser method to get the user's account data.