Selecting a Device

List Available Devices

When you need to interact with the camera on a device you will need to select the particular device you wish to use. Most devices have several cameras, generally a lower spec front camera and high spec back camera.

To get a list of the available devices you can use the getAvailableDevices function:

var devices:Array = Camera.instance.getAvailableDevices();
for each (var deviceInfo:CameraDeviceInfo in devices)
if (deviceInfo.position == CameraDeviceInfo.POSITION_BACK)
// This is the back camera

This function returns an array of CameraDeviceInfo objects each describing a camera device.

The CameraDeviceInfo class not only contains the position of the camera, (front, back etc) but the available modes of the camera, for both previewing and capturing images, and information about additional hardware, such as a flash.