The exposure modes can be controlled using this extension.

The available exposure modes are defined in the CameraParameters class:

  • CameraParameters.EXPOSURE_MODE_LOCKED: The exposure level is fixed at its current level
  • CameraParameters.EXPOSURE_MODE_AUTO: The device automatically adjusts the exposure once and then changes the exposure mode to locked
  • CameraParameters.EXPOSURE_MODE_CONTINUOUS: The device automatically adjusts the exposure level as needed


Exposure modes aren't available on all devices so it's important that you check whether the device supports the mode before attempting to set it.

if (device.isExposureSupported( CameraParameters.EXPOSURE_MODE_CONTINUOUS ))
// Continuous exposure mode is supported

Changing Modes

To set the exposure mode simply call setExposureMode with the required mode

if (device.isFocusSupported( CameraParameters.EXPOSURE_MODE_CONTINUOUS ))
device.setExposureMode( CameraParameters.EXPOSURE_MODE_CONTINUOUS );

Point of Interest

You can control the point of interest for the camera to calculate exposure on.

This property represents a point where {0,0} corresponds to the top left of the picture area, and {1,1} corresponds to the bottom right in landscape mode with the home button on the right—this applies even if the device is in portrait mode.

To set this point call the setExposurePointOfInterest() function with the point of interest required. For example to set the middle of the capture area:

device.setExposurePointOfInterest( new Point( 0.5, 0.5 ) );