Capturing Images

There are two parts to image capture, a request and a result.

Capture Request

To capture an image we start by creating an instance of the CaptureImageRequest class. This object encapsulates all the information about the image capture you wish to make and you will pass this to the captureImage function of a device for processing.

var request:CaptureImageRequest = new CaptureImageRequest();
request.saveToCameraRoll = true;
request.waitForAdjustments = true;
device.captureImage( request );

A CaptureImageRequest allows you to control several options, such as whether the captured image is saved to the camera roll, and whether we should wait for camera adjustments to complete before capturing the image.

This process will potentially dispatch several events:

  • CameraCaptureEvent.COMPLETE: When capture completes
  • CameraCaptureEvent.ERROR: If an error occurs
  • CameraCaptureEvent.IMAGE_SAVE_COMPLETE: When the image is saved to the camera roll
  • CameraCaptureEvent.IMAGE_SAVE_ERROR: If an error occurs when saving the image
device.addEventListener( CameraCaptureEvent.COMPLETE, captureComplete_Handler );
device.addEventListener( CameraCaptureEvent.ERROR, captureHandler );
device.addEventListener( CameraCaptureEvent.IMAGE_SAVE_COMPLETE, captureHandler );
device.addEventListener( CameraCaptureEvent.IMAGE_SAVE_ERROR, captureHandler );

Capture Result

Once the capture request is complete, you will be able to access the captured image through the captureImageResult() function. This function returns an instance of the CaptureImageResult class containing the BitmapData captured along with any other relevant information.

private function captureComplete_Handler( event:CameraCaptureEvent ):void
var result:CaptureImageResult = device.captureImageResult();
if (result != null && != null)
// will contain the BitmapData object captured

Note: The capture image result will be cleared as soon as it is retrieved or another request is made so you should hold onto the reference if you wish to use it in other places.