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Common Issues

Account Setup

It is important that you have completed the account setup through the AdMob console. An incomplete account setup will generally mean all ad requests will fail.

Accounts require a linked application before they can be reviewed and approved by AdMob. Without this you will not receive live ads and may not receive test ads. (This requirement is being rolled out through 2021).

Note that new apps must be listed and linked to a supported store in order to be approved and remove the ad serving limit. New apps not listed to any supported stores won't be able to be reviewed. To have an app reviewed and eligible for approval, list and link the app to a supported store.


Resolve common onboarding issues

Carefully review the details you receive from the Google Mobile Ads SDK to determine the issue you're having. Click on the error message you received to view more details about how to fix the issue.

iOS Crash on Launch

If you encounter a crash on launch, ensure you have added the info additions correctly. The AdMob SDK will terminate your application if you haven't provided your application identifier in the info additions.


It can take an hour or two for a new ad unit to become available. Make sure you have waited a decent amount of time before testing your ad unit ids.

AdMob Error Codes

Error Code 0

Error code 0 (ERROR_CODE_INTERNAL_ERROR) can occur for many reasons. It is an Internal Error that may indicate that something unexpected has happened, such as an error from the SDK, or an invalid response from the server.

Firstly check that your identifier's are all correct. If you are on iOS also check that you have provided the correct account id to the initialisePlatform call.

The most common cause that we have encountered of this issue is an application id (package name) that has been denied or blocked by AdMob. This can occur if you have been using live ad unit ids while developing your application rather than using the test id's or specifying the test device id.

To confirm this you can try changing your application id and serving the same ad unit id from this new application id. If it works from this new application id then you can assume your application id has been blocked.

If you suspect that your app's Package Name has been blocked from serving ads, then it's not something specific to the Mobile Ads SDK and this ANE. We recommend that you reach out to the Product Support Team to get this issue sorted out, or you can use this Troubleshooter.

Make sure to provide them the necessary information, such as any affected Ad Unit IDs and Package Names for them to assist you quicker.

Error Code 1

Error code 1 (ERROR_CODE_INVALID_REQUEST ) can occur in certain situations.

The most common situation is that your AdUnit ID is incorrect. Check that it was correctly transferred from the console and no irregular characters or spaces have been included.

This error can also occur if the user of this device has enabled ad limiting. This can affect the requests to AdMob and result in this error.

This error can also be caused by an incomplete account setup.