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Life Time Value (LTV)

When an impression occurs, the extension calls the paid event handler with its associated revenue data. By implementing this event handler, you can use the data to calculate a user's life time value, or forward the data downstream to other relevant systems.


You must reach out to your account manager to get allowlisted for this feature.

This feature applies to:

  • Banner Ad
  • Interstitial Ad
  • Rewarded Video Ad
  • Rewarded Interstitial Ad

Each ad format dispatches a PaidEvent.PAID event. During the lifecycle of an ad event, the SDK monitors impression events and dispatches the event with an earned value.

var rewardedVideoAd : RewardedVideoAd = Adverts.service.rewardedVideoAds.createRewardedVideoAd();
rewardedVideoAd.setAdUnitId( "REWARDED_AD_UNIT_ID" );
rewardedVideoAd.load( new AdRequestBuilder().build() );

rewardedVideoAd.addEventListener( PaidEvent.PAID, paidHandler );

function paidHandler( event:PaidEvent ):void
// event.adValue will contain the paid event revenue information
trace( event.adValue.value + " ("+event.adValue.currencyCode+")" );

The event has a property adValue which is an instance of the AdValue class. It contains information about the amount, currency and precision of the revenue.