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· 4 min read

APM, Adverts and Android 30

Another big month, APM is moving along quickly and our first version of manifest merging has been added! We are super excited about this tool and the way it will change AIR development. I know a lot of the people we talk to emphasise the lack of quick integration being the biggest hurdle with AIR development and we believe this tool is almost ready to resolve that.

Other updates include latest AdMob SDK and mediation networks. Flurry SDK has been updated and the new "standard events" added. CameraUI has had some major changes integrated to support Android 30, and the Scanner extension had some bug fixes released.

· 2 min read

APM, AdMob

Here we are already at the mid point of the year! This month has been lots of internal work for us here at distriqt and not a lot of public releases, so this will be a short one this month.

I have mainly been focussed on APM, and am really excited to get this tool out to developers.

· 3 min read

APM, AdMob and Google Play Services.

This month has seen major development work being done on APM. We are excited that some sponsorship has meant we have been able to spend some time on this tool and we are hoping to start releasing some prototypes to the community.

AdMob had a major update last month and we have updated the Adverts extension to reflect this major change. This has been a large amount of work for us, so hopefully it's keeping your AIR applications running smoothly with monetisation through advertising!

We are continuing towards some Flutter extensions and are still looking for suggestions. If anyone has any requests we are looking for a good initial project to expand our services, please feel free to get in touch with your ideas.

· 3 min read

Firebase, Facebook, Advertising, Game Services and more…

We are starting the year with a series of updates for some of our biggest extensions. With the privacy changes for IDFA in iOS 14 looming a lot of the advertising SDKs have been updated to get ready for this change. We have updates for AdMob and IronSource available to supposedly address these changes.

A lot of updates to start the year, so please let us know if there are any concerns about updating the extensions. We have migration guides available where the changes are significant so look for those in the documentation.

· One min read

Firebase Crashlytics and Huawei Ads Kit

What a year 2020 has been. I’m sure we are all looking forward to a more sensible 2021 but as I write this we are entering another lockdown due to the new variant of COVID.

Here’s to a busy and fun filled 2021! Stay safe everyone!

· 3 min read

Facebook, NativeWebView, Flash EOL, and advertising updates.

The end of the year is almost upon us, but the work never stops!

This month has seen a major release for the Facebook extension, a complete rewrite which has been in development for 6 months. Additionally our Adverts and IronSource ANEs have had some functionality updates that may interest some developers.