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2022.08.08 [v7.2.0]

fix(ios): fix issue with new page style views dismissal not being detected
feat(android): add ability to clear cached files (resolves #196)

2022.04.13 [v7.1.3]

Android: Fix preview image security exception when displayed in application chooser (resolves #194)

2022.03.09 [v7.1.2]

Android: Add missing queries entry for email availability check
Update air package dependencies
Correct links in documentation

2022.02.13 [v7.1.1]

Update for Android 31
Update docs to use apm

2022.01.07 [v7.1.0]

Add scAddress to the SMS object to specify the service center address (resolves #189)

2021.10.12 [v7.0.12]

Add air package

2021.08.05 [v7.0.10]

iOS: Removed minimum ios version flag
Android: Added security requirements to activities

2021.03.08 [v7.0.008]

Unity plugin

2020.12.15 [v6.0.062]

Added Android Intel x64 support
Added SWC (resolves #185)
Deprecated wiki
Updated examples to latest AIR version

2020.05.07 [v6.0.056]

iOS: Fixed crash with sharing files (resolves #176)

2020.04.05 [v6.0.052]

iOS: Updated symbol names to avoid conflict with Message extension

2020.03.20 [v6.0.051]

Android X migration (resolves #174)

2020.02.14 [v5.0.035]

Updated email documentation (resolves #172)

2020.01.24 [v5.0.035]

Added email and sms functionality

2019.10.03 [v4.1.025]

Corrected issue with excludedActivityTypes in the shareFile method

2019.10.01 [v4.1.023]

iOS: Added excludedActivityTypes to share 
Android: Corrected APK installation on Android M and lower (resolves #163)
Android: Added setDataAndType to startActivity functionality (resolves #164)

2019.08.15 [v4.0.005]

Android 64bit update (resolves #161)
Updated minimum iOS version to 9.0

2019.04.08 [v3.7.033]

Android: Added direct startActivity functionality (resolves #156)

2019.03.12 [v3.6.023]

Embedded iOS bitcode

2019.02.26 [v3.6.022]

Updated minimum iOS version to 8.0 (resolves #155)

2018.12.24 [v3.5.021]

Updated fileproviders to correctly work with APK paths (#152)

2018.10.28 [v3.5.019]

Android: Created specific file provider to avoid conflicts (resolves #148)
Removed application key requirement

2017.08.30 [v3.4.009]

Updated documentation

2017.08.30 [v3.4.009]

Corrected Android caching (resolves #105)

2017.07.10 [v3.4.006]

Updated for compatibility with new Core library (for Notifications/PushNotifications fix)

2017.04.02 [v3.4.005]

Better aligned iOS and Android share file functionality

2016.12.30 [v3.3.008]

New documentation

2016.11.28 [v3.3.007]

Updated documentation

2016.11.28 [v3.3.007]

Added arrowDirection to control the available directions for the popover dialog (resolves #79)

2016.11.16 [v3.3.003]

iOS 10 Updates, Added internal caching of shared bitmap data (resolves #78)

2016.11.15 [v3.2.017]

Added start of AppExtension documentation

2016.11.01 [v3.2.017]

Android: Fixed issue with multiple FileProviders (resolves #77)

2016.10.14 [v3.2.010]

iOS: Corrected share with no text (resolves #71)

2016.10.03 [v3.2.009]

Android: Corrected shareFile failing with certain activities (resolves #76)

2016.09.14 [v3.2.007]

Android: Corrected permissions for external applications on some Android versions (resolves #72)

2016.08.09 [v3.2.002]

Android: Fixed APP KEY issue with invalid java package application ids


Updated Core library compatibility


Corrected file shares and opens using new FileProvider to correctly share access (resolves #64)


Documentation update


iOS: Minor correction for rare crashes on iPad (#54)


Updated documentation


Adding missing SocialPostEvent from default lib (resolves #43)


iOS: Added twitter video upload functionality (resolves #32)


Updated asdocs


Added ability to launch applications (Android Intent / iOS openUrl)
iOS: Added social shares using the SLComposeViewController
Corrected typo in documentation
iOS: UTI option (resolves #24)


iOS: Added ability to 'open' a file in another app (allows sharing to Instagram etc) (resolves #12 #7)
iOS: Added function to check if an application is installed
iOS: Fixed crash with bitmap data being disposed (resolves #18)
Android: Identified permission issue with sharing non-asset file (resolves #19)
Android: Added option to decide whether to use a 'chooser'
Android: Added support for package name limit


Android: Added ability to set title of share dialog (resolves #3)


Stability updates


Android: Windows: Fix for bug in AIR packager resulting in missing resources


Fixed issue with incorrect handling of missing ShareOptions (resolves #1)


Updated documentation


Updated example


Release v1.0