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Setup the extension

Next you need to setup the platform using your Google API client ID and specify any additional options such as scopes you require:

At a minimum you will need to specify the iOS client ID:

var options:GoogleIdentityOptions = new GoogleIdentityOptionsBuilder()

GoogleIdentity.service.setup( options );

The options here specify the permissions and scopes that you require from your users. This information will get displayed as part of the sign in process.

For more information on these options see the Google Identity Options section.

After setup you may wish to attempt to sign in silently.

Games Signin

If you are planning to use Google Play Games on Android in your application then you can use this ANE to handle the signin process for games rather than handling two authentication processes. Additionally this ANE gives you more control over the sign in options and adding extra scopes that you don't get with the Game Services ANE.

To do this we have added some default functionality to make the setup process simpler. Simply pass the GoogleIdentityOptions.DEFAULT_GAMES_SIGN_IN to the builder constructor and then set any additional options as required.

var options:GoogleIdentityOptions = new GoogleIdentityOptionsBuilder( GoogleIdentityOptions.DEFAULT_GAMES_SIGN_IN )

You will most likely want to request the profile so you can retrieve the player information so make sure you add the requestProfile() call to the builder (as above).

Utilising this method automatically adds the required scopes and permissions for games sign in along with any other options you add to the builder.


As Play Games is no longer supported on iOS this addition does nothing on iOS and you will simply get the normal Google signin on iOS.