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2022.03.22 [v8.0.3]

Correct missing dependency in air package (resolves #214)

2022.03.11 [v8.0.2]

Fix for issue creating save games caused by an undocumented Play Games change (resolves #210)

2022.03.08 [v8.0.0]

Android: Update Google Play Games to v22.0.1 (#210, #203)
Android: Update for Android 31
macOS: Initial implementation of Game Center

Add descriptions to air package
Update docs to use apm and additions for Android 31

2021.09.28 [v7.2.7]

Corrected timestamp negative value issues (resolves #204)

2021.09.01 [v7.2.2]

Added leaderboard score tags to add context to a score entry
Added airpackage

2021.08.11 [v7.1.13]

Updated documentation around adding Google Play Games app id to manifest (resolves #199)

2021.07.19 [v7.1.11]

Removed ios minimum version flag

2021.03.03 [v7.1.009]

Added Access Point functionality for Game Center on iOS 14+
Added generic show UI functionality to show dashboard elements (resolves #189)

2021.01.20 [v7.0.005]

Updated Google Play Games to v21.0.0
- Deprecated Google related multiplayer functionality

2020.09.01 [v6.3.001]

Updated Google Play Games to v20.0.1

2020.07.09 [v6.2.062]

Implemented automatic sign in continuation after GPG installation
Added isGooglePlayGamesInstalled flag (resolves #177)

2020.06.30 [v6.1.056]

Updated to Google Play Games v19.0.0 
Clarified documentation around sign out events (resolves #176)
Removed additional permission request that isn't required for Google Play Games to simplify sign in process (resolves #166)
Removed pre-check of Play Games app for isServiceSupported check allowing display of the “Install Google Play Games” dialog (resolves #173)

2020.03.22 [v6.0.033]

Android X migration (resolves #164)
Android: Play Games: Fixed issue with id token not refreshing (resolves #161)

2020.02.26 [v5.1.026]

Documentation update + minor AuthUtil updates

2019.12.11 [v5.1.020]

Android: Added checks for saved game data (resolves #158)
Android: Better handling of achievements and leaderboard ui display
Android: Added additional checks for support for Google Play games

2019.09.05 [v5.0.011]

Android 64bit support (resolves #146)
Updated minimum iOS version to 9.0
Added checks for null pointer (#144)
Android: Corrected UI element display when not calling signIn (resolves #147)
Corrected TBM rematch functionality (resolves #151)
Embedded iOS bitcode
Added GoogleSignInStatusCode to sign in failed event (resolves #145)
Game Center corrected dismiss match when not active player turn (resolves #154)

2019.02.21 [v4.3.224]

Updated minimum iOS version option

2019.02.21 [v4.3.223]

Corrected missing class from default implementation (resolves #140)

2019.01.14 [v4.3.222]

Add loadPlayer method for asynchronous player information retrieval (resolves #132)

2019.01.07 [v4.2.213]

Android: Ensured sign in call always dispatches event (resolves #135)

2018.11.27 [v4.2.206]

Updated to Google Play Services v16.0.5 
Removed application keys

2018.11.18 [v4.1.204]

Updated documentation

2018.11.18 [v4.1.203]

Simplified integration with Google Identity sign-in

2018.10.25 [v4.1.198]

Started some troubleshooting docs

2018.10.25 [v4.1.196]

Updated Turn Based Multiplayer documentation (#107)
Added NoRecording variant without ReplayKit (resolves #124)
Added checks for replay kit on iOS 8 and lower (#124)

2018.10.08 [v4.1.186]

Corrected events from Turn Based Matches on certain Android versions (#107)

2018.09.14 [v4.1.183]

iOS: GameCenter: Handled duplicate notification of conflicts from Apple (resolves #115)

2018.09.10 [v4.1.175]

iOS: GameCenter: Corrected resolve conflict return events (#115)

2018.09.10 [v4.1.174]

iOS: GameCenter: Corrected loading of saved game data on conflict (resolves #115)

2018.07.04 [v4.1.166]

Android: Removed automatic request of email address of Google Play users (#110)

2018.06.22 [v4.1.165]

Added screen recording:
- ReplayKit on iOS;
- Google Play Games Recording on Android
Added ability to reset achievements where available
Android: Corrected sign in process on relaunch where account still present (resolves #104)
Android: Corrected display of notification popups (resolves #106)
Android: Additional checks on player success (resolves #108)

2018.03.02 [v4.0.068]

Android: Corrected all leaderboards display (#101)

2018.03.01 [v4.0.067]

Removed incorrectly packaged Google iOS frameworks (#101)

2018.02.25 [v4.0.066]

AppleTV (tvOS) implementation
Major Google Play Games update
- Updated SDK
- New sign in method (resolves #100) (
- Updated Auth utilities
- Added Players functionality
- Quests deprecated (
- iOS deprecated

2017.10.08 [v3.4.015]

Added Achievements and Leaderboard documentation (resolves #96)
Added Saved Games conflict handling documentation (resolves #97)

2017.07.26 [v3.4.015]

Added issue template and support docs

2017.07.26 [v3.4.015]

Fixed error on dispose (resolves #90)
iOS: Corrected sign in failed event with silent signin (resolves #91)

2017.07.10 [v3.3.011]

Updated for compatibility with new Core library (for Notifications/PushNotifications fix)

2017.06.20 [v3.3.010]

Added Turn Based Multiplayer Documentation

2017.04.28 [v3.3.010]

Updated Game Center documentation (#86)

2017.02.07 [v3.3.010]

Android: Update for incorrect handling of native UI sign out (resolves #84)
Android: Update to Google Play Services v10.0.1

2017.02.07 [v3.3.010]

Android: Update for incorrect handling of native UI sign out (resolves #84)
Android: Update to Google Play Services v10.0.1

2016.12.28 [v3.3.006]

Updated documentation

2016.12.20 [v3.3.005]

Update wiki

2016.12.20 [v3.3.005]

Fix for crash on iOS 7 + initial wiki

2016.10.26 [v3.3.001]

Added Game Center load player friends functionality (resolves #77)

2016.08.18 [v3.2.006]

Android: Corrected loading saved games with no cover images (#74)

2016.08.10 [v3.2.003]

Android: Removed additional activity dependencies to remove visual issues (resolves #66)
Added ability to load player centered leaderboard data (resolves #62)
Added ability to load current players leaderboard score (resolves #61)
Game Center: Added ability to get player server authentication (resolves #69)


iOS: Added Game Center Saved Games (resolves #64)
iOS: Resolved sign-in popup displaying twice for Game Center (resolves #63)
iOS: Updated to latest Google Play Games SDK
Renamed ANE files to be less confusing on supported platforms


Google Play: Quests and Events for iOS + Android (resolves #51)


iOS: Corrected framework inclusions (resolves #52)


iOS: Updated Play Gamse SDK (resolves #52)


Android: Fix for incorrect handling of owner of save game in openGame (#50)


Fixed issue with signIn after sign out from native UI (resolves #44)


Android: Fixed issue when attempting to save game after signing out
Android: Added SIGN_OUT_SUCCESS event when user signs out through native UI (resolves #44)


Updated to latest SDK versions
Added retrieval of Google auth token on iOS and Android (resolves #43)
Added retrieval of iconUrl and imageUrl where available
Added loading of player icon assets (resolves #18)
Android: Added timestamps to players (resolves #42)
Added 'silent' sign in for determining sign in status at start up (resolves #26)


iOS: GameCenter: Added checks for getPlayer call (#33)


iOS: Added a new version of the ANE for iOS 6 compatibility of Game Center (resolves #28)


iOS: Added a new version of the ANE for iOS 6 compatibility of Game Center (resolves #28)


Removed debug code from AS lib


Android: GooglePlay: Corrected open saved game event when saved game was not found


Android: Corrected operation of conflicts of saved games


Android: Corrected some sign in events when user cancels the sign in (resolves #25)


iOS: GameCenter: Corrected multiple sign in/out events (resolves #24)


Added the ALL leaderboards UI displayed when no board ID specified (resolves #23)
Added automatic check if signin required when application brought to foreground
Android: Corrected timing of initialised event


Android: x86 Build
Android: Corrected issue with UI popups not displaying (resolves #16)


Separated common app delegates and notifications into a centralised Core ANE to resolve issues with conflicting ANEs (resolves #10)


iOS: Corrected packaged framework structure which was causing an 'invalid binary' error (resolves #8)


Android: Separated Google Play Services Library into shared ANE (resolves #5)


Corrected application key check on iOS (#2)


Added iOS Simulator version and some documentation updates


First complete release version of the Game Services ANE with iOS GameCenter and iOS/Android Google Play