Analytics Events

Logging events is as simple as calling the logEvent function with an event name and an object representing any properties you'd like to attach to this event. In the example below we log a screen click and use the coordinates of the click as properties. The properties must be simple data types that can be converted into strings. "click", { x: event.stageX, y: event.stageY } );


Simple example of initialisation and logging a startup event.

trace( "Flurry Supported: " + Flurry.isSupported );
if (Flurry.isSupported)
var config:FlurryAnalyticsConfig = new FlurryAnalyticsConfig();
config );
trace( "Flurry Version: " + Flurry.service.version );
trace( "Flurry Agent Version: " + );; "startup" );
catch (e:Error)
trace( "ERROR::"+e.message );