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Core - Initialise

Application Configuration#

You must perform the Firebase configuration somewhere early in your application.

This process involves calling initialiseApp which will load your configuration files (as required) and ensure the Firebase application is initialised appropriately based on the current platform.

if (Firebase.isSupported)
var success:Boolean = Firebase.service.initialiseApp();
if (!success)

The call to initialiseApp returns a Boolean value indicating whether you have a configured Firebase application available.

If the call returns false, you should return to the Configuration Files section and ensure you have correctly setup all the appropriate options.

Checking the configuration#

You can call getOptions() to return the current options loaded into the Firebase application.

This is useful if you are having issues with connecting your application to confirm you are correctly configuring your application.

var options:FirebaseOptions = Firebase.service.getOptions();
trace( options.toString() );

This may return null if the Firebase app has not been configured, either by resources, configuration file or manually.