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Reading an OBB File

Once you have completed mounting your OBB file, you can then start to read the contents from the package. To do this you can simply use normal AIR File access to read the data.

You ask the extension for the mounted path of the files, this directory path indicates the root content you created in your package, i.e. the directory you passed to the JOBB tool. You can then reference the content in this directory with normal File objects. In the following example we access a file we placed in an images directory call image.jpg

var obbFile:ExpansionFile = new ExpansionFile( ExpansionFile.MAIN, 1001003, 93147195 );

if (ExpansionFiles.service.obbUtils.isMounted( obbFile ))
var path:String = ExpansionFiles.service.obbUtils.getMountedPath( obbFile );
var file:File = new File( path + "/images/image.jpg" );

// You can use normal file operations
trace( file.url );
trace( "exists="+file.exists );
trace( "size="+file.size );

var loader:Loader = new Loader();
loader.load( new URLRequest( file.url ) );
loader.contentLoaderInfo.addEventListener( Event.COMPLETE, loader_completeHandler );
private function loader_completeHandler(
var bitmap:Bitmap = event.currentTarget.loader.content as Bitmap;
// Use your bitmap as required