2021.04.06 [v6.0.095]
Updated docs
2021.04.06 [v6.0.095]
Updated docs and reduced unity minimum version
2020.04.30 [v6.0.066]
Fixed crash in key value storage
2020.03.23 [v6.0.062]
Android X migration (resolves #12)
2020.01.22 [v5.0.056]
Unity Plugin release
2019.07.22 [v4.0.044]
Fixed issue with document deletion of an open document (resolves #8)
Android 64bit packaging support (resolves #11)
Removed application keys
2019.03.12 [v3.1.036]
Updated minimum iOS version to 8.0
Embedded iOS bitcode
2018.02.10 [v3.0.030]
Apple tvOS platform implementation
2017.11.10 [v2.1.020]
Updates for iOS 11
2017.07.10 [v2.0.015]
Updated for compatibility with new Core library (for Notifications/PushNotifications fix)
2016.12.23 [v2.0.014]
Updating documentation
2016.12.16 [v2.0.014]
Added document storage for synchronising files
Release v1.0