December 2020



Lead Developer

Firebase Crashlytics and Huawei Ads Kit

What a year 2020 has been. I’m sure we are all looking forward to a more sensible 2021 but as I write this we are entering another lockdown due to the new variant of COVID.

Here’s to a busy and fun filled 2021! Stay safe everyone!


With the latest version of AIR ( we have now been able to update the iOS version of Crashlytics to support Firebase Crashlytics (from the older Fabric version). Anyone using the older version may have noticed that you are no longer getting crash reports in the console. This is due to Firebase deprecating the older SDK and no longer supporting reports from it.


Huawei Ads Kit is now available as part of the Adverts ANE alongside the Google AdMob implementation. The API remains the same so you can easily support Huawei devices in your AIR application with minimal configuration changes.

Get the Adverts ANE here.


We have added some additional utilities to the Application ANE around controlling the keyboard. You can now use the extension to manually show the keyboard.