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To compress an entire directory into a zip file you use the zip() function.

The extension will dispatch one of two events to determine the result of the unzip:

  • ZipUtilsEvent.ZIP_COMPLETE: Indicates the zip is complete and the zip file is available
  • ZipUtilsEvent.ZIP_ERROR: Indicates there was an error zipping the file

There is also a progress event that will be dispatched at intervals. Depending on the operating system but generally after each file is added to the zip.


ZipUtils.service.addEventListener( ZipUtilsEvent.ZIP_COMPLETE, zipCompleteHandler );
ZipUtils.service.addEventListener( ZipUtilsEvent.ZIP_ERROR, zipErrorHandler );
ZipUtils.service.addEventListener( ZipUtilsProgressEvent.PROGRESS, progressHandler );
var zipFile:File = File.applicationStorageDirectory.resolvePath( "" );
var sourceDir:File = ...; // Some directory to zip

Event handlers:

private function zipCompleteHandler( event:ZipUtilsEvent ):void
trace( "zip complete" );
private function zipErrorHandler( event:ZipUtilsEvent ):void
trace( "zip error" );
private function progressHandler( event:ZipUtilsProgressEvent ):void
trace( "progress: " + event.bytesLoaded +" / "+event.bytesTotal );