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Unzipping a file

To unzip a file call the unzip function. This will unzip the specified zip file to the specified destination directory.

If you specify overwrite to the function, files that exist will be overwritten with the files from the zip file, otherwise files that already exist will be ignored and not extracted from the zip.

The extension will dispatch one of two events to determine the result of the unzip:

  • ZipUtilsEvent.UNZIP_COMPLETE: Indicates the unzip is complete and the files are now available
  • ZipUtilsEvent.UNZIP_ERROR: Indicates there was an error unzipping the file

There is also a progress event that will be dispatched at intervals. Depending on the operating system but generally after each file is extracted.


ZipUtils.service.addEventListener( ZipUtilsEvent.UNZIP_COMPLETE, zipUtils_completeHandler );
ZipUtils.service.addEventListener( ZipUtilsEvent.UNZIP_ERROR, zipUtils_errorHandler );

var zipFile:File = File.applicationStorageDirectory.resolvePath( "" );
var destinationDir:File = ...; // Output location

ZipUtils.service.unzip( zipFile.nativePath, destination.nativePath, true );

Event handlers:

private function zipUtils_completeHandler( event:ZipUtilsEvent ):void
trace( "unzip complete" );

private function zipUtils_errorHandler( event:ZipUtilsEvent ):void
trace( "unzip error" );