Silent Switch

Currently this is only available for the iOS silent switch. It does not work with the Android muted states.

Monitor the mute state

In order to be sure that you have the correct mute state registered you must monitor the mute state. Monitoring the mute state periodically starts a process that checks whether mute has been enabled on the device.

Volume.service.monitorMuteState( true );

You can stop this at any time:

Volume.service.monitorMuteState( false );

Most Recent Mute state

The most recently detected mute state can be retrieved using the isMuted() function.

var isMuted:Boolean = Volume.service.isMuted();

Listening for changes

Once you are monitoring the mute state, change events will be dispatched. You can react in your event handlers as you see fit. There are two events, MUTED and UNMUTED representing the change to mute and unmuted respectively.

Volume.service.addEventListener( VolumeEvent.MUTED, mutedHandler );
Volume.service.addEventListener( VolumeEvent.UNMUTED, unmutedHandler );