Home Indicator

On certain iOS devices there is a visual home indicator for returning to the home screen. This appears as a white bar towards the bottom of the screen.

The system default is for this indicator to be shown at all times however you can hide the indicator by calling the setPrefersHomeIndicatorAutoHidden() function:

SystemGestures.service.setPrefersHomeIndicatorAutoHidden( true );

This will indicate that the system is allowed to hide the visual indicator for returning to the Home screen.

This is not a guarantee that the indicator will be hidden, just advising the system that it should hide the indicator when appropriate.

The system takes your preference into account, but returning YES is not a guarantee that an indicator will be hidden.

Also be aware that there are Apple guidelines around this indicator, basically:

  • avoid controls around the indicator;
  • don't add any adornments or attempt to change it's appearance;
  • generally show the indicator unless you have a passive viewing experience (eg video, photos etc)