Scanning Bitmap Data

This method of scanning doesn't utilise the camera directly, instead you can use other methods to acquire image data and use the extension to scan the image for any symbols directly.

For example you could allow the user to select an image from their camera roll or capture an image using the CameraUI interface.

Once you have acquired your image data, you can scan the image for symbols by calling the scanBitmap() method. This method is synchronous.

var image:BitmapData = ...; // Your image data
var scanResults:Array = Scanner.service.scanBitmap( image );

The scanResults array returned from this method is an Array of ScanResult objects.

(This is the same format as the data returned in the ScannerEvent.CODE_FOUND event from the camera based methods).

var scanResults:Array = Scanner.service.scanBitmap( image );
for each (var result:ScanResult in scanResults)
trace( "code found: " +
+ "[" + result.symbologyType + "] " );

If no results were found the scanResults array will be empty.


When scanning bitmaps there are some options that can be used. The ScannerOptions class represents any options relating to the scanning algorithm to use, such as the list of symbol types to enable.

To create a ScannerOptions you can use the properties on an instance of the class or use the builder methods.

var scanOptions:ScannerOptions = new ScannerOptions();
scanOptions.symbologies = [ Symbology.QRCODE ];


var scanOptions:ScannerOptions = new ScannerOptions()
.setSymbologies( [ Symbology.QRCODE ] );

In order to set these options call setScanBitmapOptions() passing the ScannerOptions instance. For example:

new ScannerOptions()
.setSymbologies( [ Symbology.QRCODE ] )

You can call this function once and it will apply to every call of scanBitmap() (unless you dispose the extension).