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Create a PDF View

A PDF View represents a viewer that loads and displays a specified PDF. To create a PDFView you use the PDFReader.service.createView() function and an instance of a PDFViewBuilder.

The builder allows you to easily construct the correct parameters to create the PDFView.

Once you create a view you can set the viewport and listen for view events (such as SHOWN and HIDDEN) and finally call show to present the view to the user, as shown in the example below:

var view:PDFView = PDFReader.service.createView( 
new PDFViewBuilder()
.setPath( "native/path/to/file.pdf" )
.showDoneButton( true )
.showTitle( true )

view.setViewport( 50, 100, 400, 500 );
view.addEventListener( PDFViewEvent.SHOWN, pdfView_shownHandler );
view.addEventListener( PDFViewEvent.HIDDEN, pdfView_hiddenHandler );;
private function pdfView_shownHandler( event:PDFViewEvent ):void
trace( "view shown" );

private function pdfView_hiddenHandler( event:PDFViewEvent ):void
trace( "view hidden" );