Location Changes

Location Change Events

There are two events related to the location in the web view changing. The first is NativeWebViewEvent.LOCATION_CHANGING which will get dispatched when the location in the web view is about to change. The second is NativeWebViewEvent.LOCATION_CHANGE which is dispatched when the location is changed.

Using the NativeWebViewEvent.LOCATION_CHANGING event allows you to intercept links from the web view and handle them differently. If you call event.preventDefault() then the location change will not occur and the NativeWebViewEvent.LOCATION_CHANGE will not be dispatched. The web view will not change.

var webView:WebView = NativeWebView.service.createWebView( new Rectangle( 0, 0, 400, 600 ) ) ;
webView.addEventListener( NativeWebViewEvent.LOCATION_CHANGING, webView_locationChangingHandler );
webView.addEventListener( NativeWebViewEvent.LOCATION_CHANGE, webView_locationChangeHandler );
webView.loadURL( "https://airnativeextensions.com" );
function webView_locationChangingHandler( event:NativeWebViewEvent ):void
trace( "location changing to: " + event.data );
// Stop the location change by calling 'event.preventDefault()'
function webView_locationChangeHandler( event:NativeWebViewEvent ):void
trace( "location changed to: " + event.data );

You may wish to see the WebViewOptions.linkTargetAction setting and handle BLOCKED links as well. See the documentation in the Web View Options