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Low Memory Warning

This extension is very simple in the implementation, you simply add a listener for the MemoryEvent.LOW_MEMORY_WARNING and respond accordingly.

if (Memory.isSupported)
Memory.service.addEventListener( MemoryEvent.LOW_MEMORY_WARNING, lowMemoryWarningHandler );

Then in your handler you can respond appropriately, clearing any unnecessary memory usage:

private function lowMemoryWarningHandler( event:MemoryEvent ):void
trace( "low memory warning" );

Memory Information

You can retrieve some basic information about the current memory statistics using the MemoryInfo class. You retrieve a current version of this by using the getMemoryInfo function:

var info:MemoryInfo = Memory.service.getMemoryInfo();

trace( "available memory = " + info.availableMemory );
trace( "total memory = " + info.totalMemory );

These values are gathered from the operating system directly which should be more accurate representation than the values reported from System.