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2022.03.09 [v2.8.0]

Update IronSource SDK
- Android v7.2.0
- iOS v7.2.0

Updated AdColony: Android v4.3.10, iOS v4.3.12
Updated AdMob: Android v4.3.26, iOS v4.3.30
Updated AppLovin: Android v4.3.30, iOS v4.3.29
Updated Chartboost: Android v4.3.8, iOS v4.3.10
Updated Facebook Audience: Android v4.3.34, iOS v4.3.33
Updated Tapjoy: Android v4.1.19, iOS v4.1.18
Updated UnityAds: Android v4.3.20, iOS v4.3.19

2022.02.08 [v2.7.0]

Update docs to use apm
Minor fixes for manifests in air packages

2021.09.06 [v2.7.0]

Added AIR packages 

Updated ironSource SDK:
- Android v7.1.10
- iOS v7.1.10

Updated UnityAds: Android v4.3.14 iOS v4.3.13
Updated Tapjoy: Android v4.1.18 iOS v4.1.18
Updated Facebook: Android v4.3.30 iOS v4.3.29
Updated Chartboost: Android v4.3.7 iOS v4.3.8
Updated AppLovin: Android v4.3.28 iOS v4.3.28
Updated Amazon: Android v4.3.4 iOS v4.3.6
Updated AdMob: Android v4.3.22 iOS v4.3.27
Updated AdColony: Android v4.3.9 iOS v4.3.10

2021.07.12 [v2.6.1]

Corrected docs on new dependencies, fixed issue with rewarded placement info not available

2021.07.09 [v2.6.0]

Updated SDK:
- Android v7.1.7
- iOS v7.1.7

Facebook Audience: Added setAdvertiserTrackingEnabled and setDataProcessingOptions to set additional settings for Facebook (resolves #27)

Updated mediation adapters to latest versions

2021.05.10 [v2.5.0]

Added reward information to REWARD event (resolves #24)

Updated SDK:
- Android v7.1.5.1
- iOS v7.1.5

Updated mediation adapters

2021.02.26 [v2.4.1]

Corrected some build errors (resolves #22)

2021.01.22 [v2.4.0]

Updated SDK:
- Android v7.1.0.1
- iOS v7.1.0
Updated mediation adapters
Corrected iron source swc release (resolves #20)

2020.11.03 [v2.3.0]

Implemented Banner Ads (resolves #18)
Implemented Offerwall (resolves #17)

2020.10.16 [v2.2.0]

Updated SDK + mediator SDKs to latest builds

2020.10.05 [v2.1.0]

Added Mediation Adapters:
- AdColony
- AdMob
- Amazon
- AppLovin
- Chartboost
- Facebook Audience
- Tapjoy
- UnityAds

2020.08.28 [v2.0.001]

Updated SDK:
- iOS v7.0.0
- Android v7.0.0

Facebook Audience mediator updated:
- iOS v5.10.1
- Android v5.11.0

2020.04.29 [v1.3.000]

Updated SDK:
- iOS v6.16.0
- Android v6.16.0

Added Facebook Audience mediation adapter to resolve issues with the version from IronSource

2020.03.21 [v1.2.053]

Android X migration (resolves #12) 
Updated SDK:
- iOS v6.15.0
- Android v6.15.0

2019.11.12 [v0.2.046]

Updated docs

2019.11.11 [v0.2.046]

Updated docs

2019.09.25 [v0.2.046]

Fixed iOS issue with resuming from IronSource rewarded video

2019.09.17 [v0.2.024]

Updated SDK:
- iOS v6.8.5
- Android v6.10.0
Added availability to RewardedVideoAdEvent (resolves #3)

2019.08.16 [v0.1.018]

Android 64bit support (resolves #8)
Fixed user id issue (resolves #7)
Updated minimum iOS version to 9.0

2019.04.15 [v0.0.015]

Added getAdvertiserId functionality (resolves #2)

2019.03.19 [v0.0.010]

Initial release

2019.03.19 [v0.0.010]

Initial release