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2023.01.18 [v5.2.0]

feat(ios): Xcode 14 update, remove bitcode and add no-objc-msgsend-selector-stubs compiler flag (resolves #50)
feat(android): Move to new permissions request process

2022.02.07 [v5.1.82]

Update air package for Android 31
Update docs for Android 31

2022.01.20 [v5.1.81]

Update documentation to use apm
Add descriptions for air package parameters
Add windows x64 support

2021.10.05 [v5.1.79]

Add air package
Add windows implementation
Add default decoding functionality
Remove ios minimum version flag
Add android activity security

2020.03.21 [v5.0.007]

Android X migration (resolves #49)

2019.08.15 [v4.0.003]

Android 64bit support (resolves #45)
Updated minimum iOS version to 9.0

2019.03.12 [v3.2.098]

Updated minimum iOS version to 8.0
Embedded iOS bitcode

2018.08.21 [v3.1.097]

Android: Added additional memory checks on large image operations (#42)

2018.08.17 [v3.1.095]

Added error events when bitmap could not be retrieved (resolves #43)

2018.01.18 [v3.1.089]

Added ability to take a screenshot (resolves #39)

2017.10.12 [v3.0.038]

Added rotate and resize transformations (resolves #32, resolves #25)
Added checks for directories (resolves #28)

2017.07.14 [v2.6.020]

Updated documentation to reflect new permissions (resolves #31)
iOS: Added authorisation process for iOS 10+ (resolves #35)
iOS: Cached bitmap data internally to avoid async crash (resolves #30)

2017.07.10 [v2.5.016]

Updated for compatibility with new Core library (for Notifications/PushNotifications fix)

2016.12.29 [v2.5.015]

Updated documentation

2016.12.29 [v2.5.015]

Added runtime authorisation for Android, updated SDKs + documentation

2016.09.20 [v2.4.004]

iOS: Corrected legacy support for pre Photos framework (#19)

2016.09.16 [v2.4.003]

Added ability to set filename of file saved to the camera roll (resolves #19)


Added function to rotate bitmap data (resolves #21)


Enhanced saveToCameraRoll enabling format and quality options (resolves #19)


Added the saveToCameraRoll function to save bitmapData to the users photos (resolves #18)


Release v2.0
Added native load/decode (resolves #14)
Android: Implemented saveBitmapData function (resolves #17)
Added asynchronous versions of all functions
Added checks on inputs (resolves #6)


Added checks on the quality value to avoid crashes with extreme values (resolves #10)


Android: Fix for key verification failing for package names starting with a numerical value (resolves #7)


Removed debug code from AS lib
iOS: Updated to latest common lib
Android: Windows: Fix for bug in AIR packager resulting in missing resources
Android: x86 Support


Added check for .debug suffix in application id


iOS: Included arm64 support (resolves #2) 
Android: Corrected application id check when doesn't contain air prefix


Corrected missing EventDispatcher functions from base class
iOS: Implemented autoreleasepools for all C function calls


New application based key check, removing server checks