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Sensor Updates

Listening for Sensor Updates

In order to listen for updates from the Gyroscope sensor you must first attach a listener for the GyroscopeEvent.UPDATE event and then call register with your desired update rate.

Gyroscope.service.addEventListener( GyroscopeEvent.UPDATE, gyro_updateHandler );

Gyroscope.service.register( Gyroscope.SENSOR_DELAY_GAME );

The extension will now dispatch events at the specified rate giving you access to the angular speeds:

private function gyro_updateHandler(event:GyroscopeEvent):void
trace( "Angular Speeds: " + event.x +", "+ event.y +", "+ event.z );

Stopping Sensor Updates

Whenever you are done listening for sensor events you should inform the extension to stop monitoring the sensor and hence conserve battery life.

This is done by a simple call to unregister:


After calling this you will no longer receive GyroscopeEvent.UPDATE events.