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2022.03.29 [v5.3.1]

Correct air package dependencies (resolves #72)

2022.03.08 [v5.3.0]

Updated SDK
- Android v20.1.0

Android 31 documentation updates

2022.02.07 [v5.2.5]

Update docs to use apm

2022.01.19 [v5.2.4]

Update air package parameter descriptions

2021.10.05 [v5.2.3]

Add air package

2021.01.20 [v5.2.002]

Updated SDK
- Android v19.0.0
- iOS v5.0.2

2020.09.01 [v5.1.043]

Updated SDK (now Firebase compatible)
Resolved crash on iOS 12 (resolves #67)

2020.08.14 [v5.0.031]

Updated build and added SWC

2020.05.11 [v5.0.029]

Updated SDK
- Android v18.0.0
- iOS v5.0.2 (resolves #66)

2020.03.22 [v4.0.016]

Android X migration (resolves #65)

2019.11.22 [v3.1.012]

iOS: Resolved duplicate symbols with Firebase performance extension (resolves #64)

2019.08.16 [v3.0.002]

Android 64bit support (resolves #62)
Updated minimum iOS version to 9.0
Added checks for null pointer in edge case (#58)

2019.02.22 [v2.3.092]

Corrected Android requestEmail option (#59)
Updated minimum iOS version to 8.0

2018.11.27 [v2.2.089]

Updated to Google Play Services v16.0.5 
Removed application keys

2018.11.18 [v2.1.087]

Simplified integration with Games Services sign-in

2018.10.18 [v2.1.080]

Update for new square okhttp extension

2018.09.20 [v2.1.079]

Extracted square open source library to resolve conflict

2018.06.01 [v2.1.062]

Android: Updated to Google Play Services v15+

2018.03.15 [v2.0.059]

Corrected Firebase compat ANE build

2018.03.15 [v2.0.057]

Updated to latest SDK
- Android v11.8.0
- iOS v4.1.2
Refactored options and introduced builder utility to clarify config and processes (resolves #45)
Deprecated getToken as against best practices (resolves #40)
Added getUser and isSignedIn functionality

2017.11.18 [v1.8.036]

Updated documentation (#45)

2017.10.20 [v1.8.036]

Resolved conflict with Firebase Auth (resolves #42)

2017.07.10 [v1.7.018]

Updated for compatibility with new Core library (for Notifications/PushNotifications fix)

2017.06.19 [v1.7.013]

Corrected missing getToken function from default lib (#38)

2017.06.07 [v1.7.012]

Android: Updated detection of Google Play Services version on device

2017.03.01 [v1.7.006]

Android Update for Google Play Services v10.2.0

2017.02.07 [v1.7.005]

Updated documentation

2017.02.07 [v1.7.005]

Add additional profile information (resolves #18)

2017.01.30 [v1.6.007]

Updated to Google Play Services v10.0.1

2016.12.29 [v1.6.004]

Updated documentation

2016.12.29 [v1.6.004]

Update to latest SDKs + documentation

2016.11.22 [v1.6.001]

Updated for Firebase compatibility

2016.08.17 [v1.5.002]

iOS: Updated native SDK to v4.0.0 (resolves #8)

2016.08.11 [v1.4.004]

New versioning system
Corrected key check (#5)


Android: Corrected potential null pointer reference (resolves #4)


Added serverAuthCode to user object (resolves #3)


iOS: Removed logging that could cause an issue (#2)


Added getToken function to retrieve access tokens (#1)


Updated example app


Release v1.0