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Migrating to v6.0

v6.0 brings the current release of Flurry (as at April 2021):

  • Android v12.11.0
  • iOS v11.2.0

This update has changed some of the functionality and added User Properties.


You now need to add the following to your application node in your manifest additions:

android:exported="false" />

You need to replace APPLICATION_PACKAGE with your applications package name, generally your air application id prefixed by air.

API Changes

In order to update you will need to remove any calls to:

  • setLogEnabled(): Moved to FlurryAnalyticsConfig
  • setSessionContinueSeconds(): Moved to FlurryAnalyticsConfig
  • setCrashReportingEnabled(): Moved to FlurryAnalyticsConfig
  • setLocation(): This was previously deprecated and has now been removed. Location tracking is done automatically.


There are several options that are now required at initialisation time, (logging etc) so there is a new class FlurryAnalyticsConfig that can be passed in at initialisation time:

var config:FlurryAnalyticsConfig = new FlurryAnalyticsConfig()
.setSessionContinueSeconds( 6 )
; "FLURRY_KEY", config );