Initialise the Extension

Checking for Support

You can use the isSupported flag to determine if this extension is supported on the current platform and device.

This allows you to react to whether the functionality is available on the device and provide an alternative solution if not.

if (Flurry.isSupported)
// Functionality here

Initialising the Extension

To use the analytics service you must pass in your Flurry keys that you created through the Flurry website and a configuration instance to set various configuration options (FlurryAnalyticsConfig).

var config:FlurryAnalyticsConfig = new FlurryAnalyticsConfig()
.setSessionContinueSeconds( 6 )
; "FLURRY_KEY", config );

(If you don't supply a configuration then the defaults will be used).

If you are cross compiling both iOS and Android you can use the initialiseWithKeys function to initialise both platforms.