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2022.03.16 [v8.6.11]

Add missing android emoji2 dependency to air package (resolves #285)

2022.02.18 [v8.6.10]

Resolved issue with android text field KeyboardType.NAME_PHONE_PAD (resolves #283)

2022.02.05 [v8.6.9]

Update package dependencies
Update docs to use apm

2021.10.05 [v8.6.8]

Add air package

2021.07.06 [v8.6.7]

Added new iOS date / time dialog implementation (resolves #263)

2021.07.04 [v8.5.6]

Updated asdocs

2021.07.03 [v8.5.5]

Added different autocapitalisation types (resolves #275)

2021.07.02 [v8.5.4]

Android: Fixed spacing between buttons on Samsung devices (resolves #273)
iOS: Fixed toast display in fullscreen on devices with notches (resolves #274)
Added auto capitalisation and auto correct options to addTextField method (resolves #275)

2021.03.16 [v8.4.094]

Removed ios_version_min (#26)

2020.11.25 [v8.4.092]

iOS: Corrected issue with determinate progress dialog style (resolves #265)

2020.11.16 [v8.3.073]

Fixed packaging issue with IntelliJ on windows (resolves #264)

2020.11.11 [v8.3.071]

iOS: Corrected date/time dialogs on iOS 14 (resolves #262) 
Implemented default progress dialog (resolves #125)

2020.10.28 [v8.2.058]

Android: Fixed issue when attempting to set selected index to the last item in a picker (resolves #260)
Android: Corrected issues with selected / closed events in the date / time picker (resolves #257, resolves #186)

2020.10.01 [v8.2.046]

iOS: Resolved crash with stage text on iOS 14 (resolves #258)
tvOS: Updates for issues caused by iOS dark theme
Android: x64 support

2020.05.08 [v8.1.026]

iOS: Corrected system dark theme colours (resolves #253)

2020.03.23 [v8.0.013]

Android X migration (resolves #248)

2019.08.16 [v7.0.004]

Android 64bit support (resolves #237)
Updated minimum iOS version to 9.0
Embedded iOS bitcode

2018.12.05 [v6.0.242]

iOS: Reverted transparency of activity dialog background (resolves #224)

2018.12.01 [v6.0.240]

iOS: Removed @available references for Windows compatibility (resolves #221)

2018.11.21 [v6.0.234]

tvOS implementation (resolves #150)
Added better padding around text input dialogs
Added ability to update message in a progress dialog (resolves #181)
Removed application key requirements

2018.06.20 [v5.1.178]

iOS: Added additional checks when adding dialogs to the view

2018.03.25 [v5.1.175]

Resolved theme issues with latest app compat libraries (resolves #208)

2018.03.20 [v5.1.164]

Added alpha for toast dialogs (resolves #207)
Added style options for activity dialog on iOS (resolves #206)

2018.01.08 [v5.1.153]

Added colour for toast dialogs (resolves #193)
Added gravity for positioning toast dialogs (resolves #169)

2017.12.11 [v5.1.134]

Updated toast timings (resolves #198)

2017.12.06 [v5.1.133]

Fixed issue with Android action sheet compat usage (resolves #196)

2017.10.20 [v5.1.124]

Android: Fixed popover events (resolves #189)

2017.08.01 [v5.1.096]

Added ability to change the index of a picker dialog (resolves #178)
Android: Fixed alert with many options (resolves #179)

2017.07.10 [v5.1.075]

Updated for compatibility with new Core library (for Notifications/PushNotifications fix)

2017.07.09 [v5.1.074]

Fixed potential crash with error handler

2017.04.13 [v5.1.072]

Added TODAY option to the DateTime Dialog (resolves #149)

2017.03.21 [v5.0.058]

Android: Resolves multiselect issue on Android N (resolves #136)

2016.12.21 [v5.0.036]

Updating documentation

2016.12.19 [v5.0.036]

Added Animate example

2016.12.16 [v5.0.036]

Added images

2016.12.16 [v5.0.036]

iOS: Fix for iOS 7 (#153, #154)
AIR Simulator Activity indicator implementation
Added wiki documentation

2016.11.25 [v5.0.030]

iOS: Fix for displaying alerts above top view controller (resolves #151)
iOS: Fix for TextView dialog on iOS 10 (resolves #148)

2016.10.13 [v5.0.024]

Implemented setCancelable on builders (resolves #140)
Android: Updated cancellation of DateTime dialog (#139)

2016.10.03 [v5.0.022]

Android: Corrected date time cancel action (resolves #139)
Android: Corrected date time maximum (resolves #143)

2016.09.06 [v4.8.011]

Updated simple example application

2016.08.15 [v4.8.006]

Corrected issue with closed event from Alerts dispatching early (resolves #133)


Updated Core library compatibility


Default: Added checks for root display object (resolves #127)


Added the ActivityBuilder.setCancelable function to set whether clicking outside cancels the dialog (resolves #124)
Android: Corrected time returned on close when only changing AM/PM (resolves #121)
Default: Added the AIR simulator version of the Alert Dialog (resolves #105)
Default: Added the AIR simulator version of the Toast Dialog (resolves #126)


iOS: Corrected orientation of picker dialogs on iOS < 8.1 (resolves #118)


iOS: Corrected Alert Dialogs on iOS 6, 7 (resolves #116)


Android: Centered title and added ability to show message (resolves #114)


iOS: Added cancelled event to progress dialog (resolves #113)


Allowed removal of title and message areas on ActionSheet (resolves #112)
iOS: Fixed ActionSheet implementation on iOS < v8
iOS: Implemented the progress dialog cancellable property (resolves #104)


iOS: Fixed date dialog min/max ranges (resolves #107)
iOS: Added delegate removal on dispose of progress (#106)


Android: Fixed issue with invalid package name and key validation (resolves #100)


iOS: Fixed issue with initial values of MultiSelect dialog


Implemented the setIdentifier builder function to allow custom ids (resolves #98)


Added the TextViewAlertBuilder for multiline text input (resolves #71)
Updated default lib to match native class signatures (#94)


Added the TextViewAlertBuilder for multiline text input (resolves #71)
Updated default lib to match native class signatures (#94)


Android: Fixed date time background on v5+ (resolves #83)


Date Time Dialog update including DateTimeDialogBuilder (resolves #80, resolves #38, #79)


Android: Fixed issue with auto focus on text inputs (resolves #81)
Android: Fixed issue with progress 'Invalid JSON' (resolves #82)


Updated asdoc documentation


Corrected missing date events (resolves #76)


Fix for Flash CC incorrectly handling some simple actionscript (resolves #74)


Documentation update


Introducing Dialog Builders 

ActionSheet (resolves #66)
Activity indicator (resolves #43, resolves #36)
Multi-Selection Dialog (resolves #60, resolves #46, resolves #16)
Custom Picker (resolves #33)

iOS: Added theme (light/dark) to progress dialog (resolves #47)
Android: Fixed message string not displaying in multiple option dialog (resolves #72)
Android: Changed resource package folder name (resolves #6)


iOS: Corrected issues introduced from last commit (resolves #67)


Fixed issue with comma producing additional buttons in 'otherLabels' field (resolves #65)


Android: Material Theme and global theme settings (resolves #15, #47, #58)
Android: Updated Popover Theme (resolves #21)
Android: Fixed Soft Keyboard not hiding (resolves #49)


Android: Fix for time picker dialog on 5.0 not returning correct time (resolves #52)


Android: Changed name of resource folder to avoid conflicts (resolves #51)
Android: x86 Support


Repackaged to test distriqt/ANE-Calendar#10


Corrected default library method signatures (#44)


iOS: Fixed conflict with Toast class (resolves #39)


iOS: Fixed events not dispatching from Alerts on iOS < 8 (resolves #32)


iOS: Moved all alerts to the new iOS 8 UIAlertController to fix orientation issues (resolves #25)
Added the ability to initialise input text alert with text, and place holder text (resolves #27)
Added the ability to set keyboard type on input text alert (resolves #13)


iOS: Fix for 0 value on width / hieght of position of popover (resolves: #31)


iOS: Corrected popover positioning on some versions of iOS (resolves #28)
Android: Fixed selected index starting from -1 instead of 0 (resolves #22)
Changed class structure to support FlashBuilder 4.6


Android: Corrected time picker incorrectly always displaying AM (resolves #11)
Android: Implemented a fallback option for older SDK (< v11). This will fix the application crash on 2.3.7 (resolves #9)


Added check for .debug suffix in application id


iOS: Corrected popover positioning when a toast is visible (resolves #2)


iOS: Fixed popover positioning on iOS > 8.1 due to changed coordinate systems (resolves #7)
iOS: Updated progress dialog to correctly handle orientations on iOS > 8.1 (resolves #10)
iOS: Corrected popover selection of last item due to navigation bar (resolves #1)


iOS: Fixed iOS 8 toast orientation issue (resolves #5)


iOS: Included arm64 support (resolves #4) 
Android: Corrected application id check when doesn't contain air prefix


Corrected missing EventDispatcher functions from base class
iOS: Implemented autoreleasepools for all C function calls


New application based key check, removing server checks


Changed version check for iOS 8.0 orientations #256




iOS DateTime Landscape correction
- iOS: Fixes #256 so that a date time dialog is correctly displayed in landscape and portrait modes


iOS Update for iOS 8
- iOS: Corrected progress dialog rotation (resolves #225)


iOS Update for iOS 8
- iOS: Fixed compilation error 'ld: 21 duplicate symbols for architecture armv7' (resolves #119)
- iOS: Updated toast and progress dialog to latest versions
- iOS: Added cancelOnTouchOutside functionality to iPhone devices (resolves #88 & #208)