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Contact Images

A contact image is a BitmapData object attached to the Contact instance. There is no size restriction on these images and they can be a decent sized image or could be as small as an icon.


Contact images can be retrieved as part of the contact list retrieval however we suggest you don't use this method as it may lead to a very large memory load in your application.

To load all the contact images:

Contacts.service.getContactListAsync( true ); 

Instead we advise that you only load the images of the contacts you require, using the second paramter to the getContactDetails function to indicate you wish to load the image:

Contacts.service.getContactDetails( contactId, true );

Additionally you can use the getContactImage function to directly load the BitmapData image for the specified contact:

var image:BitmapData = Contacts.service.getContactImage( contactId );