Magnetic Field Sensor

The raw magnetic field values can be retrieved using this extension. You can listen for the MagneticFieldEvent for changes in the magnetic field. There are 2 important events, both indicating the magnetic field, one in the calibrated state and the other the raw uncalibrated data.

The functionality is accessed through the Compass.service.magneticFieldSensor instance. There are also checks to see if the data updates are available on the current device. This checks whether there is a magnetometer on the device and whether the particular data updates (calibrated or uncalibrated) are available. (Uncalibrated data was only introduced on Android v18).

if (Compass.service.magneticFieldSensor.isCalibratedDataAvailable)
Compass.service.magneticFieldSensor.addEventListener( MagneticFieldEvent.MAGNETIC_FIELD_UPDATED, magneticFieldUpdatedHandler );
// The true here indicates the request for calibrated data
Compass.service.magneticFieldSensor.register( SensorRate.SENSOR_DELAY_NORMAL, true );

Then you retrieve information in the update events:

private function magneticFieldUpdatedHandler( event:MagneticFieldEvent ):void
trace( "calibrated\nx:"+ event.fieldX + "\ny:"+event.fieldY +"\nz:"+ event.fieldZ +"\na:"+ event.accuracy; );

Similarly to stop the updates call the unregister function: