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Heading Updates

Once you've initialised the extension calling the register function will start the update of event updates (CompassEvent).

if (Compass.isSupported)
Compass.init( APP_KEY );
Compass.service.addEventListener( CompassEvent.HEADING_UPDATED, compass_headingUpdatedHandler );

Listening for the CompassEvent.HEADING_UPDATED will give you periodic events with heading information:

private function compass_headingUpdatedHandler( event:CompassEvent ):void
trace( "Heading: " + event.magneticHeading +" ["+event.headingAccuracy+"]" );

When your application no longer requires the heading updates it's important to call unregister to stop the active usage of the sensors on the device. This will conserve battery life etc. This is important when your application goes into background operation. It's suggested that you use a mechanism to unregister the ANE when this occurs, by using something like the ACTIVATE/DEACTIVATE events.

if (Compass.isSupported && Compass.service.isRegistered)

True Heading

On iOS you can access the true heading of the device, however this requires access to the device location so you will need to add some additional properties to your application and request permission to access the device location.

For more information on this see the section on request authorisation


True Heading is not supported on Android