2021.04.07 [v3.3.007]
Removed ios minimum version linker option
Corrected removal of media data from gallery on Android
2021.03.05 [v3.2.025]
Added video orientation to video capture event (resolves #78)
2021.03.01 [v3.1.022]
Added ability to request audio permission directly (resolves #77)
2020.03.23 [v3.0.009]
Android X migration (resolves #69)
2019.08.16 [v2.0.004]
Android 64bit support (resolves #64)
Updated minimum iOS version to 9.0
iOS: Added return value for the launch function (resolves #66)
2019.02.26 [v1.5.025]
Updated minimum iOS version to 8.0
Removed application key requirement (#63)
2018.06.20 [v1.4.022]
Updated documentation on usage description strings (resolves #57, resolves #52)
2017.08.14 [v1.4.014]
Changed save location of temp images to cache directory (resolves #40)
iOS: Memory optimisations (#39)
2017.07.10 [v1.3.010]
Updated for compatibility with new Core library (for Notifications/PushNotifications fix)
2017.07.02 [v1.3.009]
Added checks for CAMERA permission to correctly request if added to manifest (resolves #36)
2017.03.31 [v1.3.007]
Updated documentation for iOS 10
2017.03.13 [v1.3.007]
Added ability to open device settings (resolves #22)
2017.01.13 [v1.2.004]
Added missing auth functions to default lib (resolves #14)
2017.01.12 [v1.2.003]
Added permission request functionality (#7, #12)
2016.12.21 [v1.0.009]
Updated documentation
2016.12.08 [v1.0.009]
Added option for saveToCameraRoll to control image save location
Added orientation to complete event (resolves #6)
2016.11.01 [v1.0.005]
Android: Fixed issue with multiple FileProviders (resolves #2)
2016.09.07 [v1.0.002]
Initial release