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2024.05.20 [v7.1.0]

feat(android): update dependencies to align with other extensions

2023.09.16 [v7.0.2]

fix(android): correct issue with load asset using best fit when image required rotation (resolves #146)

2023.06.12 [v7.0.1]

fix(android): update authorisation process for Android 33+ (resolves #141)
feat(android,ios): add native addBitmapData and improve addFile functionality to support latest Android implementations

2023.01.16 [v6.4.0]

feat(ios): Xcode 14 update, remove bitcode and add no-objc-msgsend-selector-stubs compiler flag (resolves #140)
feat(android): Move to new permissions request process

2022.03.29 [v6.3.0]

Add support for limited authorisation on iOS where a user selects a subset of photos for access 
Add ability to display limited selection change dialog

2022.02.04 [v6.2.2]

Updates for Android 31
Update docs to use apm

2021.12.15 [v6.2.1]

Update air package parameter descriptions

2021.11.09 [v6.2.0]

Implement iOS native browse view controller on iOS 14+ (resolves #138)
Update iOS load asset resizing process for iOS 15 changes (resolves #135)

2021.09.24 [v6.1.10]

Added air package 
Updated build to latest
Removed ios minimum version flag

2021.06.29 [v6.1.9]

Updated iOS modal presentation style to correctly dispatch cancel event (resolves #134)

2021.06.15 [v6.1.007]

Android: Corrected issue with parcelable extra with mutliple select browse on certain devices (resolves #133)

2020.09.01 [v6.0.001]

Updated Picasso library usage to latest release including latest androidx usages (for compatibility with Firebase In App Messaging)

2020.05.15 [v5.1.069]

Fixed compatibility issue with other ANEs containing dynamic frameworks

2020.03.24 [v5.0.058]

Android X migration (resolves #128)

2020.03.12 [v4.1.045]

iOS: Removed usage of available flags (resolves #127)

2020.01.20 [v4.1.044]

Dark mode support (resolves #124)

2019.10.01 [v4.0.033]

Android 64bit support (resolves #122)
Android: Implemented Assets functionality (resolves #114, resolves #113, resolves 3)
Added open setting functionality
Android: Fixed crash with legacy loadAssetByURL (resolves #115, resolves #120)
Added ability to add file directly (resolves #112)

2019.03.12 [v3.6.071]

Updated minimum iOS version to 8.0
Embedded iOS bitcode
Removed application keys

2018.09.20 [v3.4.043]

Extracted square open source library to resolve conflict (resolves #110)

2018.02.01 [v3.4.040]

Correctly returned ASSET_ERROR when image is too large for a BitmapData (resolves #107)
iOS: Fixed issues with videos in iCloud (resolves #73)

2017.08.28 [v3.4.030]

iOS library updates for range of bug fixes (#99)

2017.07.10 [v3.3.025]

Updated for compatibility with new Core library (for Notifications/PushNotifications fix)

2017.06.13 [v3.3.024]

Android: Updated dependent libraries (#98)
Added minimum count (resolves #82)

2017.05.23 [v3.2.012]

Android: Added correct loading from content provider sources (resolves #97)

2017.01.09 [v3.1.009]

iOS: Corrected iOS 7 build (resolves #83)

2016.12.23 [v3.1.007]

Updating documentation

2016.11.28 [v3.1.002]

Updated documentation

2016.11.28 [v3.1.002]

Updated documentation

2016.11.28 [v3.1.002]

Android: Removed max count of selection to bring custom picker inline with native (resolves #67) 
iOS: Fix for cancel with no assets (resolves #71)

2016.10.31 [v3.0.011]

Complete rewrite for asset browser
iOS: iCloud corrupted images fix (resolves #56)


iOS: Rebuild for iOS 8+ for display issues (resolves #64)
Android: Added retrieval of video orientation (resolves #65)


Android: Added retrieval of video dimensions (resolves #62)


iOS: Added new iOS 9 method of retrieving asset filename (resolves #60)
Android: Corrected thumbnail generation in custom picker (resolves #31)


Added getFileForAssetAsync to handle iOS API change (resolves #54)


Android: Implemented the auth status for Android M permissions (resolves #48)


iOS: Corrected issue with autoCloseOnCountReached (resolves #50)


Added some additional checks when disposing the extension (resolves #46)


Android: Fixed some issues with asset loading and permissions (#42)


iOS: Fix for language definition error (#40)


iOS: Fixed issue with iOS 8 causing crash on load


Android: Memory optimisations for large images (#38)


iOS: Resolved issue with loading images from My Photo Stream (resolves #39)
Android: Improved memory handling
Android: Resolved issue with multiple fast sequential asset loads (#38)


Fixed issue with loading a deleted asset (resolves #37)


Updated examples


Android support (resolves #1)
Added getFileForAsset function to retrieve a File instance for an Asset (resolves #16, resolves #32)
Android: Fixed back button interaction on non native picker (resolves #30)
Android: Implemented hasAccess + authorisationStatus functions (resolves #35)
Android: Fixed browsing of both VIDEO and IMAGE (resolves #33)
Android: Improved asset loading procedure (resolves #36)
iOS: Moved to the new Photos Framework for iOS > 8 (resolves #20)
iOS: Corrected whitespace in newer screen resolutions (resolves #17)
iOS: Memory improvements (#34, #19, #22, #15)
iOS: Added indicators to videos to separate from images (resolves #11)
iOS: Allowed selection from different albums (iOS > 8) (resolves #9)


Updated default lib with new authorisation functions


iOS: Added ability to check whether the user has granted access to photos (resolves #28)


Android: Corrected loading of thumbnails, added video browsing, general improvements


Android Beta Version (#1)


iOS: Updated to latest common lib
Removed debug code from AS lib
Android: Windows: Fix for bug in AIR packager resulting in missing resources


Changed class structure to support FlashBuilder 4.6 (#10)


Added check for .debug suffix in application id


iOS: Implemented reading of the asset Exif and GPS data, added 'metadata' and 'location' variables to the Asset class to hold this information (resolves #3)


iOS: Implemented reading of the asset Exif and GPS data, added 'metadata' and 'location' variables to the Asset class to hold this information (resolves #3)


iOS: Included arm64 support (resolves #2) 
Android: Corrected application id check when doesn't contain air prefix


Corrected missing EventDispatcher functions from base class
iOS: Implemented autoreleasepools for all C function calls


Updated README


iOS Update for iOS 8
- iOS: Added new iOS8 process for loading images from Photo Stream (fixes #254, fixes #247)