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Deep Links

If your application is launched from a branch link you will receive an event with the branch parameters associated with that link.

When this occurs the BranchEvent.INIT_SUCCESS will be dispatched with the params exactly the same as after the initial initSession call.

So in order to process deep links it is important that your BranchEvent.INIT_SUCCESS handler is not removed and that you can handle this event being dispatched at any time in your application.

We recommend using the clicked_branch_link and match_guaranteed params to be able to determine how the link was used and whether it is a guaranteed link click.

For example:

function init_successHandler( event:BranchEvent ):void
trace( event.type + "::" + );
var sessionParams:Object = JSON.parse(;
var clicked_branch_link:Boolean = false;
if (sessionParams.hasOwnProperty("+clicked_branch_link"))
clicked_branch_link = sessionParams["+clicked_branch_link"];
var match_guaranteed:Boolean = = false;
if (sessionParams.hasOwnProperty("+match_guaranteed"))
match_guaranteed = sessionParams["+match_guaranteed"];
if (clicked_branch_link && match_guaranteed)
catch (e:Error)