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2021.12.07 [v5.0.68]
Add airpackage
2021.03.12 [v5.0.067]
SDK Update
- iOS v0.35.0
- Android v5.0.3

Added Branch Universal Objects
2020.03.25 [v4.0.040]
Android X migration (resolves #9)
2020.02.14 [v3.2.032]
SDK Update
- iOS v0.31.4
- Android v3.2.0

- Corrected issue with launch link parameters (resolves #7)
2019.09.30 [v3.1.023]
SDK Update
- iOS v0.28.1
- Android v3.2.0
Improved link handling
Removed dynamic framework dependency (no resigning now required) (resolves #2)
2019.07.04 [v3.0.003]
Android 64bit support (resolves #5)
2018.08.05 [v2.0.054]
v2.0 release


- work in progress
- iOS SDK v0.12.2


- iOS SDK v0.10.4
- added userCompletedAction method.


- iOS SDK v0.10.3
- Android SDK v1.8.0
- init method accept a bool param to use live or test branch.
- added alias and type to the getShortUrl function.
- added getCredits method.
- added redeemRewards method.
- added getCreditsHistory method.
- added getReferralCode, createReferralCode, validateReferralCode, applyReferralCode methods.


- the Branch activity is finished once the init function is called.
- iOS SDK v0.6.3
- Android SDK v1.5.5


- initial release
- iOS SDK v0.6.0
- Android SDK v1.5.3