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2022.02.02 [v4.1.25]

Update for Android 31
Update docs for using apm
Update air package for Android 31

2021.12.15 [v4.1.24]

Update air package parameter descriptions

2021.10.13 [v4.1.23]

iOS authorisation process update (resolves #59)

2021.09.24 [v4.1.21]

Added air package

2021.06.08 [v4.1.020]

Updated build to correct swc definitions

2021.03.22 [v4.1.019]

Removed ios_version_min

2021.03.22 [v4.1.017]

Updated documentation and Android x64 build

2020.03.23 [v4.0.010]

Android X migration (resolves #54)

2019.08.16 [v3.0.004]

Android 64bit support (resolves #51)
Updated minimum iOS version to 9.0

2019.03.07 [v2.2.015]

Updated minimum iOS version to 8.0 (#49)
Embedded iOS bitcode
Removed application keys

2017.07.14 [v2.1.013]

iOS: Corrected dispatching of Authorisation Event (resolves #16)

2017.07.10 [v2.1.003]

Updated for compatibility with new Core library (for Notifications/PushNotifications fix)

2017.05.17 [v2.1.002]

Android: Updates for issues with subscribing to characteristics on some bluetooth devices (resolves #25)

2017.04.18 [v2.0.007]

iOS: Corrected authorisation status when not using background peripheral mode (#30)

2016.12.23 [v2.0.005]

Updating documentation


Android: Release v1.0


iOS: Corrected characteristic properties (#2)


iOS: First release


Beta Release