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Adapter State

Checking the adapter state

The next step is to check the state of the adapter, i.e. check whether the Bluetooth adapter is turned on and whether the user has granted your application permission. You must also take into account that the user may turn off Bluetooth at any time so you should listen for the STATE_CHANGED event and react accordingly. Any scanning will be stopped and you'll have to restart this once the adapter state changes again.

The values of the state property are defined in the BluetoothLEState class.

On iOS we cannot turn the adapter through code, instead you have to prompt the user, requesting they turn on Bluetooth.

BluetoothLE.service.addEventListener( BluetoothLEEvent.STATE_CHANGED, stateChangedHandler );

switch (BluetoothLE.service.state)
case BluetoothLEState.STATE_ON:
// We can use the Bluetooth LE functions

case BluetoothLEState.STATE_OFF:
case BluetoothLEState.STATE_RESETTING:
case BluetoothLEState.STATE_UNSUPPORTED:
case BluetoothLEState.STATE_UNKNOWN:
// All of these indicate the Bluetooth LE is not available

function stateChangedHandler( event:BluetoothLEEvent ):void
trace( "stateChangedHandler(): "+BluetoothLE.service.state );