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Recording Audio


To start recording audio you create an instance of the AudioRecorderOptions and call start.

The options allow you to specify the output file along with audio formats and other recording settings.

var file:File = File.applicationStorageDirectory.resolvePath( "recording.m4a" );

var options:AudioRecorderOptions = new AudioRecorderOptions();
options.filename = file.nativePath;
options.audioEncoding = AudioEncoder.AAC;

AudioRecorder.service.start( options );


Once you have finished recording you call the stop function to complete the recording.



There are several events that are dispatched at various points through the recording defined by the AudioRecorderEvent class.

  • AudioRecorderEvent.START : Dispatched when recording starts
  • AudioRecorderEvent.COMPLETE : Dispatched when recording completes
  • AudioRecorderEvent.PROGRESS : Dispatched at periodic intervals while recording

You listen for these events as below:

AudioRecorder.service.addEventListener( AudioRecorderEvent.START, audioRecorderEventHandler );
AudioRecorder.service.addEventListener( AudioRecorderEvent.COMPLETE, audioRecorderEventHandler );
AudioRecorder.service.addEventListener( AudioRecorderEvent.PROGRESS, audioRecorderEventHandler );

Example event handler:

private function audioRecorderEventHandler( event:AudioRecorderEvent ):void
trace( event.type );